Be Alarmed! Our Democracy Is in Peril!

The peril threatens our votes

Saying our democracy is in peril brings to mind visions of uprisings, riots, and blood on the streets. The fabric of our nation’s governance is being torn apart because our votes are being threatened. If we’re not heard, our democracy dies.

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Edward Helmore, writing for The Guardian, posted an article, “Biden warns US democracy ‘in peril’ as he commemorates America’s war dead.” He tells us:

Joe Biden warned in a speech commemorating America’s war dead on Memorial Day that US democracy was “in peril.”

“This nation was built on an idea,” Biden said in his address. “We were built on an idea, the idea of liberty and opportunity for all. We’ve never fully realized that aspiration of our founders …”

Finally! Someone is saying so out loud!

While Biden was referring to the January 6th Insurrection, propagation of “The Big Lie”, and the overt workings of voter suppression, there is much more at stake. The crux of the matter is, as Biden stated:

Our Democracy is in Peril!

The peril of being silenced

If you cannot speak, you will be ignored. If you are ignored, you will either disengage (not care) or you rise up to take back what’s yours. It’s not a difficult formula to comprehend.

Here are a few concerns that may trouble you.

  • Leadership Character Does Not Matter
  • Personal Freedoms are Denied
  • Trust in Government is Lost
  • Social Justice is Repressed
  • Patriotism is Forgotten
  • Belligerence Replaces Empathy
  • Truth is Replaced with Lies
  • Nobody is Listening

You get the idea. The list is long and is populated from all political sides. You, the voter, are effectively silenced because you are ignored. Your vote does not matter!

Let’s bring democracy back from the brink of disaster

Equal Voice Voting (EVV) should be part of the solution. It can improve our democracy by making All Votes Matter! Every ballot cast for a president affects the process if EVV is used.

Many angry people think the Electoral College a problem (broken, rigged, unfair, racist, too complicated, antiquated). They are mistaken. The real problem is the Winner-Takes-All (WTA) approach every state uses to convert popular votes into electoral votes. We’ve used it for over 200 years so it seems to be part the Electoral College. Wrong! It’s not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. EVV removes WTA and ensures all votes – your voice – is heard.

WTA is a tool used by those who suppress voters of color. WTA denies the right for votes cast to be represented (69 million in 2020 – was yours one of them?). WTA makes a mockery of our elections. WTA must be removed to help bring back our democracy!

Further, EVV affects each of the bulleted items above because it restores trust in the voting mechanism that selects our next president. Such trust brings all of us back to where it’s patriotic to revere the American Dream again – where truth matters. When personal freedoms are reinforced while liberty for all is upheld. EVV touches every social justice issue we have because the presidency does. Empathy can make a difference again. Our vote can mean something and the character of our leaders must face all of us rather than a select few. Democracy can be revived!

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By Jerry Spriggs and the Equal Voice Voting Team