Making All Votes Count!

If the recent presidential election caught your attention and left you surprised (favorably or frustrated), Making All Votes Count! is a must read. Can we fix the Electoral College? Should it be replaced? Is there a better solution?

Making All Votes Count! addresses these concerns and shows how we, on a state-by-state basis, can make everyone’s vote matter in our presidential elections like never before. Making All Votes Count! presents a new presidential voting approach called Equal Voice Voting. The book compares the presidential election results from 1960-2016 with what could have happened in those elections if Equal Voice Voting were used instead.

Making All Votes Count! shows how popular votes matter while also emphasizing each state’s total voting voice. Equal Voice Voting preserves the Electoral College and retains the Founding Fathers’ intent without requiring a Constitutional amendment.

Making All Votes Count! explains how the popular vote, the national popular vote and congressional district voting approaches work—and fail. Gerrymandering, major and minor political party candidates, and Constitutional tenets and history are discussed. It explains why these things matter.

Making All Votes Count! can be used as an educational tool, as a ready reference for past presidential elections and as a tool to encourage future legislation. As a fact-based resource, Making All Votes Count! urges readers and legislators alike to remedy our current all-or-nothing voting approach that causes many votes (and voters) to not matter in the final presidential election results.

Past elections are fully examined and show how our Electoral College results do not reflect the sentiment of the governed, whether the voters are from populated centers or Middle America. Making All Votes Count! gives promise to better future presidential elections, making our Electoral College work for us all!

Fix Vote Suppression with Equal Voice Voting!

There is much discussion about Voter Suppression by many who are concerned about fairness in this nation’s elections. Our voting rights are precious and are vital to sustain our democratic process.

Vote (not voter) Suppression is another voting concern of which we need to be mindful. Votes cast for any presidential candidate that does not win a majority of votes within the voter’s state are swept aside. All of a state’s electoral votes are cast instead for the candidate winning the state’s majority of popular votes. We subject our Electoral College to an All-or-Nothing approach that essentially disenfranchises large portions of voters, discourages voter turnouts and provides Electoral College results that do not reflect voting activity – a false reading of the sentiments of our nation’s voters.

For example, in the 2016 presidential election, 63,071,987 votes cast did not matter! These were votes cast for candidates (Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and other candidates) who did not win the popular vote in a given state. These votes were not reflected in the Electoral College results! Did your vote count? Have your ballots counted in every presidential election in which you voted? Have the votes of all of your relatives, friends and neighbors mattered in past elections? Sadly, it depends heavily on which state any of us reside, not for whom we vote.

This is an old problem! It has been with us ever since it was decided to use the All-or-Nothing approach, on a state-by-state basis, when counting the popular votes and translating them into electoral votes.

It should be noted that this Vote Suppression problem is neither nefarious nor due to political party partisanship.

We can fix Vote Suppression with Equal Voice Voting! Equal Voice Voting enables each state’s popular votes for presidential candidates to be proportionally represented by each state’s electoral votes. The popular vote conversion to electoral votes can be easily done! Equal Voice Voting provides the best method to acknowledge our nation’s popular vote and retain the total voting voice of each individual state – a basic tenet deemed vital by our Founding Fathers.

And it all can be done without a Constitutional Amendment!