Enforced Rules Preserve The Constitution

Rules are critical for sports

Rules are critical in sports. Everyone, players—coaches—fans, recognize the critical need for rules. Rules must be equally enforced to ensure fair play and maximum safety.

We are in the midst of the NBA playoffs wherein the top teams are pitted against each other (go Portland Trailblazers!). The amazing talent we witness on the floor is competitive; which brings out the best from each team. The games are fun to watch and the excitement is contagious.

042419 Rules One

We owe our gratitude to the referees making the calls. Imagine what would happen if rules were ill contrived and/or poorly enforced. Mayhem would ensue and the sport would soon fade away.

Rules are considered because of the Mueller report

We have recently witnessed the Mueller report being delivered to the public and to Congress. It is heavily redacted to protect certain interests, but the viewable content identifies much that has gone awry with this presidency.

Aaron Blake, at The Washington Post, gives an analysis of, “What the media got right – and wrong – about the Mueller report.” He notes:

For all the hand-wringing about overzealous punditry, the Mueller report was by and large an affirmation of the mainstream media’s investigative reporting. Almost all the big stories were confirmed in the report.

GOP leaders responded. Some with frustration:

I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President. Republican Senator Mitt Romney

Some by ignoring the facts:

I think it’s time to move on. … I think the American people have had quite enough of it [Mueller report investigation]. Republican Senator Mitch McConnell

You may or may not agree with these assessments. If you are a Trump supporter, you may claim the report was a witch-hunt and costly and excessive. Those opinions, however, do not square with the objective findings of the report which begins, on the first page, with:

The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.

In plain language, our nation has sustained and is sustaining an overt attack from an adversary. Our Commander in Chief is not keeping us safe.

Following rules cause confusion and worry

Rules matter. Now what?

Alexis Simendinger and Al Weaver pose the question in, “The Hill’s Morning Report – Is impeachment back on the table?” The article notes that:

Democrats appear to be scattered all over the place when it comes to impeachment.

There is much shouting and contesting and worry over what comes next. Reuters, for example, notes:

Those incumbent Democrats may have to strike a delicate balance on the campaign trail next year. Too much bashing of the president could turn off voters more interested in kitchen-table issues and motivate Trump sympathizers to rally around him.

It’s obvious that the concern is over the consequences. And, the consequences become personal. The question becomes for individual politicians, “Will an impeachment process harm my political future?”

The U.S. Constitution is all about rules

What do the rules say and demand?

The U.S. Constitution identifies impeachable offenses as acts of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Article One of the U.S. Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole power of impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try impeachments.

What do these rules preserve? In a word: Integrity.

Rules matter. The U.S. Constitution establishes the rules for a reason – call them consequences – that go beyond politics and personal agendas. They preserve the integrity of our nation.

It’s time to make the call

Relying again on the basketball analogy, the rules often demand a careful review of what happened. Referees don’t always agree and rely on instant replay to confirm or overturn the call made on the floor.

042419 Rules Two

Much like witnessing your favorite player fouling another on the basketball floor, denying the act does not remove the fact that a foul is a foul. It’s time now for Congress to carefully review the evidence provided.

Investigating the evidence, keeping impeachment on the table, is a critical step in preserving the integrity of the presidency, our Constitution, and our nation. It demands that presidential governance be lawful and preserves the safety of this nation and its people.

Will such evidence then lead to impeachment? It’s early yet to move to such proceedings but letting the game play on is neither respecting the rule of law nor the constitution. Unlike a simple game in sports, ignoring an overt attack on our nation and setting aside the rule of law is called treason.

The National Popular Vote bill ignores the rules

Rules matter in our presidential elections as well. Currently, the National Popular Vote (NPV) bill seeks to circumvent the rules. Some people do not like the consequences we experience from the Electoral College. Instead of following the rules and amend the Constitution, as prescribed in the Constitution, the NPV adherents seek to sidestep the process.

Constitutional integrity is at stake with the NPV proposition. Sidestepping the constitutional process can become a slippery slope. Ignoring the rules for a more instant gratification promises dire consequences.

Equal Voice Voting respects the rules

The intent for the NPV bill is to capture an election result that is more aligned with the nation’s popular vote (hence its name). Sadly, the NPV adherents don’t recognize that Equal Voice Voting (EVV) promises similar results without breaking or ignoring the constitutional rules. EVV ensures every vote counts and every state matters, just as the Constitution outlines. Further, EVV removes the winner-takes-all shackles from the election process so the Electoral College is free to serve the process as intended.

Rules matter. Consequences matter. Our nation’s Constitutional integrity matters.

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