We Must Agree On Our Precious Democracy

We Look For Reasons To Agree

As the midterms fade into our past we must examine on what we all agree. It may seem like there is no place, no ground upon which we can come together. Agreement seems like a lost word, a part of a vernacular of some yesteryear. Yet we must acknowledge on what we all agree so we can build our future.

Sure, there are stark political differences that have emerged in the aftermath of heated political races. There are fears mixed with worry and even anger still working to divide us. Are we experiencing a form of a cold civil war? I hope not.

Agreement Feeds Our Civil Discourse

I hope we can aspire for civil discourse such that creative compromises can be made and our nation realizes healthy governance in its future. We must begin to agree on something – something common and which we can raise up and not take for granted.

Last week I pointed out that though the midterms are behind us, it’s time to make more noise in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election. (See Political Noise Escalates To Capture Votes.) Someone has made noise and we need to listen.

Georgia’s Contest Raised A Voice For Democracy

The Georgia governorship race was hotly contested and proved to be exceptionally close, extending beyond normal days as ballots were carefully counted. Accusations of fraud and abuse and political overreach commanded headlines.

Yet, in the midst of the anguish and at the end of the fray, a clear voice emerged speaking truth to an assembled throng. It was a voice broadcast across the nation. It was a sobering moment to which we all should listen.

We Must Pay Attention To The Abrams Speech

Tia Mitchell and Greg Bluestein in the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionnoted the speech delivered by Stacey Abrams as she acknowledged Georgia’s next governorship to Brian Kemp.

112118 Stacey Abrams

Ms. Abrams needs to be heard.

  • Not because she is a Democrat
  • Not because she is a woman
  • Not because she is black

Stacey Abrams needs to be heard because she spoke truth about our precious democracy. She reminded us that our votes, all of them, are precious. She told us:

… the erosion of our democracy is not right.

… But we are a mighty nation because we embedded in our national experiment the chance to fix what is broken. To call out what has faltered. To demand fairness wherever it can be found. Which is why on Election Night, I declared that our fight to count every vote is not about me. It is about us. It’s about the democracy we share and our responsibility to preserve our way of life. Our democracy – because voting is a right and not a privilege.

I stand here today as witness to that truth. This election is about all of us – as is the resolution of this moment.

Partisans Must Agree

Certainly, some will disparage this as a rant from one who lost an election. “Sour grapes,” they may say. Those voices, sadly, are ignoring the fundamentals of our democracy to which Ms. Abrams identified: fairness in our voting process.

I hope, dear reader, you can set aside any partisanship you might have and acknowledge that whether Abrams is Democrat or Republican, she raised up a precious concern.

Let’s Agree That All Votes Count

Our votes, all of them – left, right, or center – must be counted! It’s a fundamental tenet of our democracy. If this aspect is ignored or trod upon or forgotten, there’s little chance our democracy will hold. Abrams pointed to an existential threat to our democracy. We must heed the concern and warning. We must agree that our voting right is precious!

Perhaps I focus more on this truth than most of you. I hope not. But you are aware that I am adamant that we must correct how we elect our presidents. I am adamant that every vote must count – every state must matter. On this singular aspect, I hope, we can all agree.

Equal Voice Voting Delivers The All Votes Count Promise

If you do, then it follows that Equal Voice Voting should be strongly considered for your state. If so adopted, every vote in your state would count! Please note that no other election mechanism can promise this.

The National Popular Vote (NPV) bill cannot ensure every vote counts! NPV supporters may claim it can but it’s a false promise (See Fiction In Presidential Elections). Remember, popular votes are translated into electoral votes via the Electoral College, a truly ingenious system. As long as we entertain the winner-takes-all aspect, all votes cannot be counted.

Equal Voice Voting removes the winner-takes-all aspect and allows the Electoral College to be exercised as it was intended. It honors the true seat of power – the voters!

No matter our political preferences, all of us must agree that every vote counts. Our democracy depends on it.

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