It Takes Courage To Face Our Future

Courage is needed in the face of an attack

It takes courage to admit a mistake or that you’re wrong. It takes courage, sometimes, to do the right thing. Now is one of those times.

We are under attack by crazed shooters in our midst. These are events that have been with us since the 1999 shooting in Columbine high school in Littleton, Colorado. We are also under attack from Russia as it tries to wreak havoc in our democracy. Further, we learn that such attacks in our election process are already years long and promise to continue.

Our nation is divided about gun safety. Some defend their second amendment rights to own a gun and others prioritize life over these rights. Money (read NRA) fuels lobbying to ensure little or nothing is done to promote safety and to secure continued gun sales.

Do we have the necessary courage needed to respond?

Courage is necessary to resist carnage

Shootings of any kind in a peaceful society are bad and deliver loss, mayhem, and agony. Everyone agrees. The conflicts begin when we try to determine what to do about it. Some want to pray. Some want to wait. Some want to secure one’s rights. As witnessed during this recent Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida, the carnage continues.

022118 Parkland School Exit

We ask our politicians to do something—anything! Why do they choose these times to duck and cover?

It takes courage to disagree with constituents. It takes courage to resist gun lobbyists. It takes courage to suggest an unproven solution.

To this I simply ask, “Why?” Ours is a nation built on experiment and tests. “Let’s try!” seems to be an unspoken motto from our beginning that helped form who and what we are. I suggest we experiment. Do this and try that, collectively, and assess what happens in a clear-eyed way. Trying invites courage!

Courage is necessary to resist nefarious interference

The fact that the Russians are already at work and parked just behind your computer screen is unnerving. As U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, pointed out: The Russians disrupted our presidential election. They continue and intend on disrupting more. We, our democracy, are truly under attack.

022118 Rod Rosenstein

Some legislators are alarmed and actively engaged in sounding the alarm. Some legislators are still blinking their eyes and responding only as one stunned. More is needed from both political camps. Our democracy is being attacked and a clarion call for courage to act has already been heard (by citizens, at least).

What brand of courage does it take to wake up to the current and present danger? What courage does it take to identify tactics and strategies to protect and preserve our democracy?

Again, we ask our legislators (Republican and Democrat alike) to do something. This is not a time to hesitate and move only if a definite outcome can be realized. We already have the gathered proof of the nefarious interference. We already have the resources needed to make a difference. Let’s try!

Courage is necessary to make all votes count

This blog always urges people (you) to consider Equal Voice Voting as an option your state can adopt. It does so in the spirit of making all votes count and all states matter. Courage is required.

Like in the scenarios identified above, legislators need a bit of courage to try something new. This is especially true if their constituents are not clamoring for cure for a problem they don’t recognize.

Consider this comment from a Republican representative from a decidedly red state said to me: “What I like about Equal Voice Voting is that it is not a radicle idea.” He recognized the need to allow every constituent to weigh in during presidential elections. He recognized that the current situation is unfair. For more than 180 years we’ve endured the winner-takes-all approach that disenfranchises so many voters.

Again, as a nation of grand experimenters, let me suggest we try. All we need to venture forth is one courageous state to lead and try Equal Voice Voting for one presidential election. Give constituents in that state (yours?) the opportunity to count all votes. Make that state matter in the election.

Perhaps other states will recognize the benefits and also try. And, in trying, perhaps those legislators will lead with courage.

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