Inclusion Is A Holiday Gift Meant For Everyone

Holidays are a time to ponder

As the daytime hours get shorter over this holiday season, the quiet, dark nights may cause you to wonder. Do you wonder about the past year or anticipate the next? Both? Are you grateful for friends and family? Do you extend the reach of your concern to others and include them in your thoughts?

Inclusion this holiday season means everyone matters. It even means including all of the different kinds of celebration—yes, it does. Most of the readers of this blog, I’m guessing, are Christians. So Christmas is celebrated more by “us” than other holidays simply due to the numbers of us who honor it.

Merry Christmas

Other holidays matter, too

Have you considered the celebration of others? Muslims, for example, celebrate Ramadan (celebrated at another time of year). African Americans celebrate Kwanza. Jews celebrate Hanukkah. And then there are moments of celebration to acknowledge the solstice. Of course, let’s certainly not forget the ringing in of the New Year just a few days ahead. There may be other celebrations this time of year, but you get the idea.

Holiday Greetings

This time of year, these holidays, are more than times of merry-making. They are times when we pause and let the warmth of our hearts touch others, strangers sometimes, whom we meet or remember. We include everyone because we realize everyone matters.

Set aside our politics for awhile

Our politics pull as apart a lot over the year. The holidays are a welcome respite from all of that fracas and discord. Now is the time when we can, for a short time at least, set aside our stubbornness and our shouting and hurt feelings. The holidays are a time for us to heal.

It is this kind of inclusive sentiment that I hope can be experienced at all times in this great nation of ours. Sure, we have differences of opinion and our values don’t always jibe. But we ought to not ignore one another nor try to shut each other out.

Everyone matters.

Equal Voice Voting includes everyone

Equal Voice Voting rests on the idea of including everyone. Every vote must count and every state must matter. It’s not just a holiday thing. It’s a fundamental truth that can and should carry us forward—together.

Happy Holidays everyone. Merry Christmas! Happy Ramadan! Happy Kwanza! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Solstice! Happy New Year!

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