Holidays And Family and Politics – Oh My!

Politics And The Family

As the holidays approach, are you dreading politics stealing the moment? For example, imagine when the crazy uncle opens the conversation with a political salvo that causes everyone in the room to choose sides. The in-laws’ blood pressures soar. Parental voices are raised. Siblings sling words that should have never been said. Maybe someone goes home in a huff.

Feuds sometimes start this way. Doors slam. The room goes silent. Someone’s sobbing in a dark corner and the baby wails. Lovely. Just lovely.

Simpsons family argument

It’s upsetting enough to accidently burn the holiday turkey!

Where Do Politic Start?

In today’s news cycle we learn of politicians quarreling and taunting and acting like…well…like children. “Why do they act this way?” we scream at the screen. It’s them – not us – who are out of their minds. Right?


John Wagner and Scott Clement of the Washington Post noted that seven out of 10 Americans say the nation’s politics have reached a dangerous low point.

American politics downward graph

From where do you think politicians come? Not far from you, that’s where. And to whom do you think politicians listen? Sometimes they’re people like you! (And sometimes like me.)

We’re what are often referred to as the base (for any political party). Sounds significant, doesn’t it? It simply means that politicians – our legislators – listen to what we want (and demand). They put on their political party t-shirts and argue and argue and argue and then we wonder: Is this politics?

Holiday Politics

Consider the upcoming holidays at your house. What role will politics play then?

When was the last time you truly listened to your crazy uncle (or aunt or grandparent or whomever)? The “uncle” spouts off about one political issue or the other and hears nothing you have to say! So you argue and argue and argue. Is that politics?

Will you remember why you get together with family over the holidays? Is it only because of tradition? Or is it because these are people who are important to you? Their thoughts should be important, too. Their passion and priorities should be of interest to you, too.

family argument

You may wonder why I’m putting this out there in this blog space, which focuses on how we elect our presidents. It’s because I’m proposing we adopt Equal Voice Voting, which makes everyone’s vote count! Everyone’s! Yes, even if you don’t agree with the crazy uncle. His vote should count, too.

Equal Voice Voting is truly nonpartisan. It’s as much of an attitude as it is a voting mechanism. It’s democratic. It allows – demands – that everyone’s vote for a president make a difference.

This inclusionary attitude requires that we respect each other. We need to listen to each other. Let’s make this holiday season one in which holidays and family and politics come together. It’s really not such a fearsome thing, if we have the right attitude.

Let’s not burn the turkey!

burned turkey