Russia and The National Popular Vote Bill Threaten our Democracy!

Russia Threaten Our Elections

Recent events have alarmed concerned citizens of all political stripes. Russia hacking has attempted to steal and/or affect the votes we cast. Such invasion, some say, is actually an act of war. Such war-like acts threaten our democracy. To add insult to the concern is the reality that such intrusions will persist. They will not go away simply because we are aware of the activities and intent. We must be on our guard and ever vigilant.

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Imagine the scenario if any foreign entity hacker(s) changed the voting results. Such tampering would throw our voting system into disarray. It would cause our national security to erode and put our nation at risk. The consequences could be dire and long lasting, even threaten our nation’s existential future.

The National Popular Vote (NPV) Bill Threatens Voting Results!

Consider your vote cast within your state. We cast our ballots for presidential candidates with a fair amount of confidence that our votes count. Our votes point to one candidate who wins all of the state’s electoral votes. Equal Voice Voting actually improves our current experience!

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The NPV bill can easily change those results! NPV promises that all of a state’s electoral votes will be cast for the candidate who wins the most popular votes nation-wide. Suppose your state favors candidate “A,” for example. Then suppose candidate “B” wins most of the nation’s popular votes. The prevailing sentiment of your state is ignored. Though Candidate “A” captured the most votes in your state, that result is set aside in favor of how people voted in other states. All of your state’s electoral votes are cast for Candidate “B,” who lost in your state.

The NPV bill is not suggesting it tampers with the voting results, as any hacker would do. But here’s one of the key problems with NPV (there are many others): The NPV approach ignores the fact that ours is a republic of states. It skips over that fundamental governance element. It causes regional (states) concerns, values, and voting sentiment to be lost in the sweep of national voting.

Tell your state legislators to honor your state’s votes and to NOT support NPV!

The National Popular Vote Bill is A Dangerous Idea.

In truth, NPV is a form of stealing or, at least, a modification of a state’s vote results. A plurality of voters within a state can lose their voting voice in one election. Will they be eager to vote in the next election? Would voter turnout be encouraged or would voter apathy gain ground?

Tampering with our voting system so individual votes are cast aside and fundamental basics of our republic is ignored should be alarming. It should be just as alarming as having a foreign entity intrude and put our democracy at risk.

The National Popular Vote bill is an affront to our republic! We need to be mindful of this whenever we recite the Pledge of Allegiance with our hands over our hearts.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag and to the republic, for which it stands…”

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We should be alarmed whenever and by whatever threatens our democracy!